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About us

Hello! I am Ann Marie Pilato and I LOVE working with children in an early childhood education setting! My story is quite interesting and I believe is very similar to many parents. Many years ago, when my 3 children were young, I needed to get back into the working world. Before having children, I worked in Manhattan in administrative positions, but now lived in beautiful New Jersey. I was not ready to commute to the city and be away from my children or get back into that hectic lifestyle. I wanted to own my own business. So for a short time I owned a clothing store but was unhappy and decided to move on. I found a position in a franchise childcare center as an assistant teacher for an infant room. I was so happy, that I finally knew what I loved to do, work with children. I spent many years learning and working in the childcare field. I took classes and continue to do so. I worked in every position from infant room, toddler teacher, and pre-k teacher, assistant director and then director. I truly found my life’s calling, children and early education. There is no better feeling then seeing the world through a child’s eyes and knowing that you are fortunate to have an opportunity to teach them things that will shape their future. I come from an administrative background but, first and foremost, I’m a parent, and grandparent- just like you.

I very much enjoyed my years working in franchised schools; however, I was often frustrated because I wanted to do more. I wanted to explore new teaching techniques and learning methods. I wanted a center that was less clinical. I wanted a center that looked and felt warm and nurturing. Like anything in life I wanted to put my own ideas to work. I decided to take a leap and start my own early childhood learning center. I am so proud and happy with our school, lil’achievers. We strive to provide a lifelong love of learning. We help children take “lil’steps toward a bigger future”!!

My wonderful, good friend and previous Assistant Director made the move with me and is our Executive Director and Head teacher – Jennifer Severino. Jennifer and I have worked together for over 10 years and I rely very much on her Early Childhood Education experience and vision. She is the better half of a very strong team. Her responsibilities include daily operations, curriculum, and staff.

I hope that after you tour our program and enroll, that we will become partners in your child's education and daily care. At lil’achievers, we LOVE what we do and accept nothing but the very best. Welcome to our School!