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Each month the children enjoy a new theme and are introduced to it through ideas and discussions, storybooks and tapes, art projects, game activities and more. They also focus on a weekly letter and number. We will be following the Zoo Phonics curriculum.

This class does allow for some free play where the children enjoy centers such as block area, housekeeping, art center, manipulatives, board games, outdoor play and computer.

It is our goal to help each child reach their own highest potential and to give them the best preparation for kindergarten as possible.

Program Details:

  • Children are taught Kindergarten Readiness skills.
  • Children are taught to write letters.
  • Children are taught to write their first and last names.
  • Teachers introduce recognizing and writing numbers.
  • Teachers use color, number, letter and theme of the month. Activities are based on these ideas.
  • Math—Teachers provide many opportunities on counting practices.
  • Children are exposed to language though dialogue, songs, dramatic play music and literature.
  • Children are encouraged to work in small groups and well as independently.
  • Children are encourage to take on more self-help skills, such as getting ready, handwashing, pottying, dressing and undressing and cleaning up.
  • Children are taught games, rhymes and songs through repetition.
  • Children are involved in many different science activities.
  • Conferences are done twice a year.

Enrichment Classes:

  • Tumblin’ Tigers
  • Grow with Music
  • GitsSmart Computer Classes
  • (American Sign Language) ASL Lessons